Pet Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound Greenbrier, AR

When it comes to your pet’s health, we want to make sure that we give them correct diagnoses, but occasionally a physical inspection from the outside is insufficient. For additional testing, we at Greenbrier Animal Hospital use digital x-ray equipment.

Pet Digital X-Ray

Here at Greenbrier Animal Hospital we are concerned about your pets’ health and happiness as you are. This is why we stock our hospital with the most advanced diagnostic tools available in modern veterinary science.

X-Rays Digital
Digital X-ray machines, in addition to producing high-quality images with the same contrast and quality as traditional X-rays, have a number of advantages over traditional film X-ray technology:

  • Convenience and speed—Results are displayed on a computer screen immediately, without the need to wait for film to develop. They can be instantly electronically transmitted to a board-certified radiologist for interpretation with a quick turnaround time.
  • Safety—Because digital x-rays require less radiation, your pet and our team are kept safer.

Pet Ultrasound

We believe that your pet’s well-being often lies beneath the surface, concealed from the naked eye. Pet ultrasound is more than a diagnostic tool; it’s a window into their health, a means to detect issues before they manifest outwardly, and a way to provide swift, precise, and tailored care.

Our advanced pet ultrasound service lets us delve deep into your pet’s body, revealing otherwise hidden details. The non-invasive nature of ultrasound ensures minimal stress and discomfort for your pet, making it a humane and compassionate choice.

One of the most significant advantages of our pet ultrasound service is early detection. By identifying health issues at their inception, we can offer timely intervention, which often leads to better outcomes and an improved quality of life for your furry friend. Our commitment to personalized care means that every ultrasound procedure is tailored to your pet’s unique requirements, ensuring the most accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan designed specifically for them.